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We bring licensed massage therapy and body work  to your office, event or home. Covering the United States.

  • Experience: Over 12,000 people served, over 4,500 Facebook likes…
  • Professionalism: All of our therapists are: licensed, CPR certified and insured.
  • Cost: $85.00 an hour for chair massage $125.00 an hour for table massage.

Yes, these prices include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Therapuetic, Pregnancy, Shiatsu and Thia Massage. Same price for all the services. We don’t believe in complicating things. Let’s make life a bit less stressful for you. Lets get started!

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This company has over 19 years of experience behind it. We have done our research the good old fashioned way: work.

We offer our staff 50%. Yes, that’s right we value what you do. Why? To start, all of the founding owners of this company are or have been massage therapists or estheticians. There is nothing that can replace experience.


  • A license.
  • CPR certification
  • Insurance.
  • Professionalism.

We hold our staff to a level of professionalism that will speak for itself. When the customer request that you return that says it all.

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